DS106 Radio Bumper (2 stars)

One of my summer jobs from 2018 was being an intern for DS106 Radio. One of the main DJ’s was on maternity leave, and they needed someone to fill in. That someone was me. They decided that I did such a great job in the first few weeks that I worked there, that I could have my own segment. They said I could make it anything I wanted, and I was a huge Gossip Girl fan at the time. So of course, with the freedom and power of broadcasting to the entire town and internet, I was hungry for the drama that came with spilling everyone’s tea.

That’s where I came up with my “rumor of the day”. This is where anyone that liked our radio station’s Facebook could send us a message and air out someone’s dirty laundry. It was evil but I couldn’t resist. It was the perfect strategy to increase social media presence and word of mouth marketing. After I had essentially set emotional fire to the town, my boss realized that it was causing more harm than good, and it was going to be cut at the end of the summer. Still one of the best times of my life.

Sorry, not sorry. XOXO Gossip Girl

Take a look at one of the bumpers I created for the show:

Hello FredVegas you are listening to Fredericksburg’s #1 Station, DS106 Radio, where we play your favorite hits and spread rumors all day every day. Tune in every evening at 7 pm to hear our “rumor of the day” where people have anonymously submitted information about people you may or may not know around the burg. Fact or fiction, that’s for you to figure out. So, hide your kids, hide your wife, turn up the music and tune into the drama. Enjoy!


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  • I love this! I wish I knew about this sooner. Your boss was probably right though about it potentially doing more harm than good though. I could imagine some mean people using it to their advantage to spread rumors about they don’t like or something.

  • I loved reading your story, so creative and descriptive! The Audio helped further the story as well, again very creative. Your page is wonderfully laid out and I really like the name. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I think that this is such a wonderful example of how audio can seriously impact storytelling. I appreciate the name and love the layout of this page!

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