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Once I bought my first house, I couldn’t wait to start decorating. Once the new floors were in and the walls were painted, it was time to work on those final details; decor. I had pricey style with the wallet of a broke college student. From Walmart to Arhaus, there was an endless amount of options. The problem that I kept running into was finding a happy medium between style and price.

As I was talking to one of my friends about decorating (first world problems amiright), she suggested the idea that I create my own house decor, as she had done herself. I was intimidated at the idea of using a table saw and other power tools in order to create things. I originally offered to pay her to make me stuff as a joke, but the lightbulb went off in both of our heads after the words left my mouth.

That’s actually a good idea. This could make us some money.

This is where Homecrafted Decor Shop was created. Founded in January of 2019, my friend Brittany started making and selling custom homemade decor. I’m the accountant and handle all of the financial aspects. I prefer to do the background work, so we decided Brittany would be the face of the company. In creating a new business, we thought a good idea, to build a better connection with customers, would be to make one of those “Meet the Owner” pages, as shown below:

After we gained a following and business was proving the higher-than-expected demand for our products, we decided that a quick little promo video was needed. This just displays some of the work that is offered:

Take a look at our Instagram page for more info! Also available on Facebook and Etsy.


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